10 Years of MK Parkrun

This Saturday saw the 10 year birthday of Milton Keynes Parkrun (MK Parkrun)

Saturday morning lay-ins have fast been replaced by lacing up the running shoes and taking part in the free, timed 5km. As Mark Atkinson suggests in his fantastic book, Run Like Duck, “When I first discovered them, they seemed like almost a secret club. Every Saturday, volunteers set up and hold a 5k run, pack up nd are gone before most people are out of bed.”

Park runs can be as competitive or as social as you want. I tend to air on the social side, with the occasional run aimed to lower my PB.

Milton Keynes Parkrun 10th Birthday
Friends are made at Parkrun (Insta: @mikila88c)

What makes Parkrun so much fun?

I cant speak for everyone but I certainly for my home run at MK Parkrun is one of the friendliest there is. Friends, camaraderie, cake, competitiveness,

Parkrun Stats

  • Number of events: 161,770
  • Number of runners: 2,304,381
  • Number of runs: 33,598,777
  • Number of locations: 698
  • Number of clubs: 6787
  • Number of PBS: 5,677,602

Correct as of Sunday 19th January 2020

Parkrun Challenges

In addition to the 50, 100, 250 Parkrun T-Shirts there are also a variety of challenges people take part in. One of the most famous being the Parkrun Alphabeteer (running a Parkrun in a location of every letter of the alphabet – needless to say, Z isn’t easy). Others include:

  • Londone – Every London Parkrun
  • Alphabeteer – Every letter of the alphabet
  • Regionnaire – All Parkruns in a region
  • Stayin Alive – 3 starting with B and 3 starting with G.

There are plenty more to pick from if that kind of thing takes your fancy. There is a great IOS app, 5K parkrunner results

Parkrun Goals

My Parkrun goals are simple. This year I want to get to 30. I’m currently on 12. It sounds like it should be easy but it’s difficult with my schedule to get out on a Saturday. I also want to attend some of the many Instagram Parkrun meet ups. My final goal is to volunteer at least 3 times this year.

Have you taken part in Parkrun? What are your goals?


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