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I am: Jack Dixon (@thischapruns), a father, a primary school teacher, a runner and an all round nice chap. What more can I say? I have started this blog to capture my journey from beginner runner to my first marathon…and beyond. 

In September 2018, I took up running. After a couple of attempts at giving it a go by myself, I decided to join a running group. Living in Milton Keynes, there are two main groups. Redway Runners and Lakeside Runners. I had heard great things about Redway so I gave them a go. 

Couch to 5km was where it all began. From there I did a couple of the step-up groups before signing up to the Step Up To Half Marathon Group. My love-love relationship with running had well and truly begun. 

Successfully completing my first half marathon – the Great Manchester Run, May 2019

Alongside my running, I’m also on a mission to lose a bit of timber. Having started running at 17 stone, I’m down to a much healthier (& happier) 14.5 stone and enjoying life more than ever.

Find out about my 2021 goals.

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