And rest…

This year I have been struggling it’s an ongoing calf niggle. After having a sports massage last week at The Treatment Lab MK, I was told it was just tight and weak. Not hugely surprising given the lack of stretching or strength work I do. Yes, before you say it, I know how important it is. However, just 2 days later when trying to run the RunThrough Chase the Moon race at the Olympic Park, I could barely run 100m without my calf hurting. Rightly or wrongly, I carried on and completed 5k but to say I was hurting was an understatement. I mean, not David Goggins hurting but it was pretty sore.

The Treatment Lab MK

What’s next?

I have decided to take a 10-14 day break from running. Does this mean I’m going to be sitting around eating Dominos? No it doesn’t. My aim is to swim and cycle at the gym in an attempt to build up my cardio. I will stretch daily and carry out strength work to build up my calf muscles, improve my general leg strength and develop some core muscles.

What about the marathon?

After my 2 week break, I’m going to make the decision as to whether running the Southampton Marathon is a feasible option this year. So far, my training has been anything but consistent and I really don’t want to do any long lasting damage that prevents me from training. It’s taken me 34 years to get to a point where I enjoy running and I have no intention of being forced to stop. I really must look at the bigger picture.

I have another massage booked at The Treatment Lab MK during the first week of March and will book in another couple prior to running anywhere near marathon distance.

Sometimes what you don’t do is just as important as what you do

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