Back to Slimming World we go

In April last year we joined our local Slimming World group. It’s not that we don’t know how to eat healthily, we do. It’s more that we lack the motivation to eat well. Between us, we have the will power of a small child standing in an unmanned sweet shop. We just aren’t very good at saying no. All it takes is one or the other of us to suggest something bad and we are all over it. Before you know it, I’ve eaten my body weight in chocolate or pizza or sweets or pizza or chips or pizza. As you might be able to tell, Pizza features quite heavily in my go to food.

First Time Round

Our first time round was a success. As always happens with me, the weight pretty much fell off. I’m very “all or nothing” and can happily not eat anything bad for huge periods of time. In the first week I lost 9 lbs. Combined with another decent loss in week two, I was Slimmer of the Month after 3 weeks. It’s important to note I was running 30-40km per week and eating 2 or 3 of my allotted 15 syns per day. It’s not a huge surprise I lost weight. That didn’t bother me though, I felt great about how I looked and had far more confidence. Then… I missed a couple of weeks. When you miss a week at Slimming World you still have to pay. At heart, I’m a cheapskate and the thought of having to pay to not attend seemed ridiculous. Unfortunately, that coincided with a holiday and we stopped going completely. The group we attended wasn’t the best and it had a negative moany feel.

Take Two…action

Next Wednesday we will start attending a new Slimming World group. I’m going to “suck up” my feelings about paying to stand on a scale and fully embrace the method. I’m going to continue running (those medals don’t earn themselves) and focus more on eating well. I will reveal my target weight after my first weigh in but it’s going to be sufficiently difficult to keep me motivated.

Let’s do this…


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