Flip Belt Review

Like all new runners, in the months that followed my new found hobby, Christmas presents became easy. Anything and everything linked to running. One such present was a flipbelt. I can honestly say it’s the one running present I still use on every run.

Flipbelt does exactly what you think it would. Full of handy little pockets, there is somewhere to keep your phone, clip your keys and tuck away an energy gel or two (I can keep 3 gels and a pack of Bloks quite comfortably).

It even has a pocket at the back for a custom curved water bottle. Although I don’t use this as I’m not a huge fan of water bouncing up and down on my lower back.

The belt it’s self is made from 92% micropoly and 8% Lycra which means it stretches a little when you put it on and drys in no time at all. I can’t count the number of times mine has been through the wash without compromising its look or feel.

My Must Have | Flipbelt Zipper

I can not recommend these highly enough and can honestly say going for a run without it is not an option for me. A must buy for any budding runners!

Sleek, simple and stylish – It’s everything you could possibly want from a running belt!

Jack | Flipbelt review 2019

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