I’m a proper runner now…

On Wednesday night I became a “proper runner”. Why? I took part in the Chase the Moon run at the Olympic Park in London. How does this make me a proper runner I hear you ask. Well, it is officially the first race I have every repeated.

Last year, I took part in my first every 10k race (well the first in over 10 years). The race in question was the RunThrough Chase the Moon run at the Olympic Park in Stratford. This week, I did it again!

Chase the Moon 2020

While the race didn’t go very well – I only ran 5k instead of 10k due to an ongoing calf issue – it was fantastic to know I had returned to my first race. This time was completely different. Having run lots of races in 2019, I am no longer nervous or daunted on the start line. I no longer look around anxiously seeing whether I think I will come last. Now, I can stand proudly in the starting area knowing roughly how I will get on. Take last night, I knew it wasn’t going to be a great race but that didn’t matte, I ran it anyway. It’s much easier to take in the atmosphere when you know that you aren’t going to make a complete fool out of yourself.

The race it’s self was a double loop of the Olympic Park (The opposite direction to 2019). There was a fun atmosphere and the marshals were fantastic. RunThrough always do an amazing job of having Marshals who cheer you on and whoop and clap. It really makes a difference on a cold February night.

If you haven’t ever taken part in a RunThrough event, they are definitely worth giving a go. Relatively cheap, well organised and fun. The medals are always pretty cool too. I have another couple booked for this year, as I love the fact they hold them mid week.

Now to fix my calf…


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