Keeping Motivated in Lockdown

The past few weeks have brought challenges to all of us. As a teacher, my work life hasn’t ground to a halt. I am still in work on a semi-regular basis and working from home the remainder of the time. However, I have more free time than ever before. More time doesn’t necessarily mean more motivation.

Online Challenges

I have certainly found that taking part in social challenges on Instagram have really helped to keep me motivated. From “virtual social runs”, where a group run at the same time and share pictures, to “running challenges” it has given me the motivation to get moving.

A particular favourite of mine has been the “Pub Run Challenge”. The idea was to do a normal run (within Gov guidance) and take pictures of the pubs you see along the way.

Check out my video here ( I use – if you haven’t heard of it, check it out)

Online Fitness Videos

In addition to running, I have been using the lockdown as an opportunity to expand my fitness horizons. Mainly into stretching. Yes, I know it’s important and Yes, I know it will make a big difference to my running. That doesn’t mean I’ve ever taken it seriously. Well, the lockdown has given me the chance to try. I spent some time looking for easy to follow stretching videos on Youtube. I was particularly looking for one where the presenter wasn’t too “peppy” and didn’t have an annoying voice. I strumbled across “The Bodyweight Warrior” (Tom Merrick) and gave his beginners stretching video a go. I absolutely loved it. It’s only 15 minutes and he does a great job of balancing advice and tips without patronising.

Setting your sights on the future

I’m fortunate enough to have a couple of big events coming up this year which have, as yet, not been cancelled. The Berlin Marathon in Sept (What will now be my second marathon) and The London to Brighton bike ride give me something to focus on. Although I’m 24 weeks out from Berlin, I’m focussing on pre-Berlin fitness. I want to be in a good position coming to the 18-week mark to start my training in full force. Of course, the stretching and strengthening exercises I am currently doing can only help.

Rest and Relaxation

Relaxing might not spring to mind when it comes to motivation but I find it actually helps. In the busy world, we all live, it isn’t unusual for us to go weeks on end without any rest. When we finally do get time off, we often fill it with holidays and activities. I am innately programmed to want to be busy. For the first time, I have started to learn how to enjoy rest and to properly relax. As a result, I have more energy than ever.

Fingers crossed all my new routines stick and I have the time (or more to the point, motivation) to keep them up when normal daily life resumes.


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