Marathon Training Week 1

This Chap Runs celebrating an easy 5km run.
Feeling good after an Easy 5km

The 5 Ps

Preparation Prevents P Poor Performance. This used to be the slogan on an old friend and I can’t help but think there was some wisdom in the alliteration. It’s those words of wisdom I’m going to be taking in to my marathon training as I begin to prepare for the Southampton Marathon in April.

My Marathon Training

During my marathon training for the 2019 Berlin Marathon, I was a little slapdash as to which sessions I did and which I missed. Having never run further than a half marathon, and not taking recovery as seriously as perhaps I should have, I tended to need longer to recover from my long runs than most. This meant that after a long run on a Sunday, it was probably Wednesday or Thursday before I felt in any fit state to go for another run. By which time, I started to think “but if I run now, I won’t have enough energy for my long run.” It quickly became a vicious cycle which meant for the last month or so before Berlin, I only did the long runs.

This marathon training cycle is going to be different. I have enlisted the expertise of Leigh, founder of Best Possible Fitness. He provides me with a weekly plan and on-going support. This is great for someone like me, who deep down knows exactly what I should be doing but doesn’t always have the motivation to actually do it. Already in Week 1, I have felt a sense of obligation to repay his hard work and actually get out there and get it done. It would have been very easy to blame the weather, first week back at work after Christmas or family commitments and have put off a run. I say put off loosely as trying to put these runs in at another time never really happens.

However, it’s not just about the motivation factor. Working with Leigh means my plan is far more structured and diverse than the “get out and run” approach I took before Berlin. I can’t wait to see the impact it has on my running and smash my goals.

Second night run of the weekend. A comfortable 10km
Not the most flattering light

This is my round up of Week 1s Marathon Training.

Monday: 3 Miles Easy – Felt good to be back out there. Had been a while since I had run at all. Last proper runs had been 2 half marathons in December. Nice to get out and get going.

Tuesday: Rest – surprisingly hard to do since I just wanted to get going and begin to regain some of my fitness that Garmin keeps telling me off for having lost.

Wednesday: 4 Miles Easy – Unfortunately, I made the mistake of sitting down after work. By the time I finally got up, it was raining. For this reason I decided to head to the gym. This was a bad decision. I hate treadmill running at the best of times and this was no exception. I managed 3km, then had to stop. Not wanting to completely waste the session I did a 1km row and another 1km on the treadmill. Either way, I didn’t feel good about today’s session.

Thursday: Rest day

Friday: Rest day – Although I felt fine, I am slowly learning the importance of rest.

Saturday: 3 Miles Easy – After a busy day with my daughter, I didn’t get out for my run until 8pm when she was in bed. Felt strong and found some missing mojo. Used my forever pace (The speed at which you feel like you could run forever) and it felt great.

Sunday: 6 Miles Easy – Another late one having put my daughter down for bed. Didn’t get out until 7:30pm but managed a relatively comfortable 10km (6.2 miles) in the bitter cold.

Summary and Next Steps

A mixed week of highs and lows. Not a huge surprised given the start of a new schedule of running. All-in-all it felt good and I felt strong.

Next week’s plan consists of a session at half marathon pace, a “steady” run (Slightly faster than marathon pace) and a 13km long run. Can’t wait to get my teeth stuck in.


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