New PBs…and how I got them

I suppose the title of this kind of gives away the punchline. I recently ran a 5km PB and 10km PB. In fact, I beat my 5km PB time only to bring it down further still a few weeks later.

Celebrating my 5km PB

Were these things I’ve been training for? No, not really. In fact, my first 5km PB was purely because a good friend of mine told me I’d been running slowly recently. I set out that week with the intention of picking up the pace a little. At 1km I look down at my watch, realised I was flying and felt pretty fresh so thought I’d hold on and see what I could do. I was delighted at the end of the run to see I had brought my 5km PB down by 28 seconds to 25:37. However, it didn’t end there. When I reported back to my friend, he said “I’m sure you could go faster!” and proceeded to volunteer to pace me to an even faster PB.

Bright and early on 1st April I set off to Bushy Park in Teddington to see how fast I could run. For those of your not familiar with the significance of running at Bushy Park, it is the birthplace of Park Run, or the Bushy Park Time Trail as it was first called, and a regular training destination for Olympians and the national treasure that is Mo Farah.

Setting out with the aim of smashing out a sub 25min 5km we ran an anti-clockwise loop around the outskirts of the park. It’s safe to say, it wasn’t the warmest run, the headwind was freezing and took an awful lot of effort.

The Aftermath of a 5km attempt

Despite not quite reaching my sub 25min goal, I was happy to have set a new personal best less than 10 days after bringing down my time. Now to chip off the final 14 seconds.

Still chuffed with my achievements considering a distinct lack of speed work and not training specifically for beating them.

Now it’s time to knuckle down and see what I can do.


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