New Running Focus

6am Interval Run

2 weeks ago, I took the decision that I needed to do something to reinvigorate my love of running. After a difficult start to the year, with niggles and pain, I wanted to step up my game.

I decided it was time to enlist the services of a running coach. I had heard great things about Clean Coach Katie, a member of my running group and personal trainer, so decided to give her a call.

So I’m pretty much starting from the ground up. Distances started short (5k) and lots of strengthening, stretching and learning to enjoy running again. I know, I know, but I couldn’t think of another word that started with s.

Although I’m only 2 weeks in, it feels great and I’m back loving running. I have been exploring the trails around Cranfield and am loving the chance to finally take in what is around me.

To coincide with the rejuvenated approach, I’m also going to put more effort into writing my blog. Keeping both the people who read it up-to-date with my comings and goings.


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