One Year Running

Today marks my Runnerversary – One Year of Running

A year ago, I took the step of joining the Redway Runners beginners group. After a few failed self-led attempts at running I knew I needed the support of a group. It worked and I’m pleased to say I’m enjoying my running more than ever.

This year has taken me to my first Parkrun, first 10km race in 10 years, first half marathon and in exactly 10 days it will lead me to my first ever marathon, Berlin 2019!

I have enjoyed every minute of the last 12 months. I have run on Luton Airport Runway and Silverstone Formula 1 track; I’ve run in London, Norwich, Manchester, Shrewsbury and Scotland.

Most importantly I’ve met new friends and joined a real running community both through Redway Runners and Instagram. Sounds silly, but the support of the instagram running community really is invaluable. Everyone is so supportive. Check out my list of inspirational people to follow.

In 10 days, with the support of a friend I met at a running group, I take on the Berlin Marathon. No mean feat for a new runner still only a year into their journey. I for one can’t wait. Watch this space.


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