Parkrun No.1

Parkrun number 1 was the “graduation” from my beginners running group. It is only 5km, which I was sure I could run. However, it was my first run and I really felt the pressure.

The venue: Milton Keynes Parkrun, Willen Lake – a largely flat Parkrun with the infamous “Zigzags” – If this means nothing to you, you haven’t lived.

We arrived early with the rest of the beginners groups – some 100 newbie runners all lining up to reach their goals. The inevitable question of time came up time and time again. If you are new to running, you will learn pretty quickly that you can not run a single race without someone asking “How long did it take you?” – It comes directly after the much shorter “We’ll done.”

I had set myself an informal target of 30 minutes. But really I was going to be please with anything under 35. Or so I thought…

I was paired up with Sarah, a super speedy runner who reliably informed me her PB was around 20 minutes. What on earth had I let myself in for?

Thankfully, she went nice on my and guided me round the track I could barely talk and she was making it seem like a walk in the park(run).

It managed to finish in 30:26 – Not the sub 30 Parkrun I wanted by close enough for me to be extremely pleased with myself. A huge thank you to Sarah, who I wouldn’t have managed it without.

For any beginners out there, don’t underestimate the pressure you feel lining up for your first Parkrun.

A 60 minute 5k is just as far as a 15 minute 5k

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