Redemption Run

Last night’s run was all about redemption. My last Step Up To Half Marathon group did not go to plan. In no small part due to my poor preparation. I had not drunk all day or eaten properly and then somehow thought I would be able to run 14+km in the heat. Needless to say, I couldn’t. It was the first time since my Parkrun Graduation that a run had gone terribly wrong. I mean, I had set off too fast (and still do) on quite a few runs and started my sprint finish too early (I do this quite a lot too) but I had never help more disappointed than that night.

This run was about putting it right – about proving I could.

More determined than ever, I planned my route, hydrated during the day and prepared all of the run fuel I could possibly need. I even bought a CamelBak Hydropak to make sure I didn’t suffer the same consequences of not being properly hydrated I did last time. Kitted up with that, and a couple of Science In Sport gels, I set off.

It was a straight forward out and back route from Cranfield to Marston Mortaine Forest Centre. A combination of country lanes and housing estates. Nothing was going to stop me.

The Run

I set off at 6pm, after a long day at work, and made my way through Rectory Woods and out into the long, lonely country roads. The weather was humid and “close” and I knew I needed to keep my water levels topped up. The Hydropak really was a life-saver.

A short while (and a rather steeply inclined crossing of the A421) later, I made it to the Forest Centre. I now had the awful thought that I was feeling knackered, my legs were heavy and it was getting dark… and I was only half way through.

An about-turn and I was on my way home. Only 8km to go…only 7.9km to go… I was literally counting down in what seemed like 100m sections. Why on earth did I ever think I would be able to do this. Distance running had never been my thing.

Finally I was into the home stretch. 3km left. I knew there was an awful hill at the end of my run but really hoped that I would have hit the 16km mark before I got there. Thankfully I did.

And relax…

The feeling of jubilation filled my body and for a split second, I even had the unrealistic thoughts that I could keep going. A minute later, it was clear that wasn’t the case. But, despite what my legs were telling me at the 9km mark, I made it. I had run the furthest distance I had ever run. I had made up for my previous failings and felt back on track and ready for the final push to the Great Manchester Run

Redemption Run | April 2019

No one said it was going to be easy

Jack | APRIL 2019

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