Return to Racing

Glad to be back

This weekend I took part in my first race since March. I travelled to London for the RunThrough Olympic Park 10km.

I have been getting “Race Envy” over the past couple of weeks watching people taking part in events up and down the country and wanted to get involved in the action. I have run a couple of RunThrough events in the past and love the atmosphere. I wasn’t sure what a “COVID Safe” event would be like but I wasn’t disappointed.

The only real differences on the day were no official bag drop – although there was an area you could leave your bag (something I wish I had known before I left my jumped in my motorbike top box) – a staggered start; self-serve medals and snacks at the end. Other than that, and all of the marshals wearing masks/visors, it was pretty much business as usual.

It’s felt fantastic to be back racing and to have something to focus on. It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that since my last race my motivation for running has gone through some major highs and lows. From discovering the trails near my house to having weeks off at a time for no real reason.

I’m delighted races are back and I can’t wait to take part in some more in the coming months. I want to say a huge well done to the team at RunThrough who organised a superb even as always. They have some of the most enthusiastic marshalls you’ll get at a running event. I almost believed it when they said how well I was doing!


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