Running For Fun…

As I sit here writing this, I have recently returned from a 6km run. Only my second run of the week despite being on a 2 week holiday from work.

Why you might ask… because quite frankly I haven’t really fancied running. Does that mean I don’t still love it? No. Does it mean I’m not reaching my goals? Also No. All it means is I’m listening to myself and running my way.

Since taking up running in Sept 2018 I have always been training for something. Whether it was that first 5k or the Berlin Marathon I have always had goals and they have taken a lot of effort. When we went in to lockdown in March 2020 that all changed. All my races got cancelled and all my goals went out of the window. While some people used that as an opportunity “build the body they have always wanted” or set a new PB in every distance, I spent it procrastinating and generally not being particularly productive (in my defence, I’m a teacher so worked solidly throughout).

Cranfield Airport

Fast forward to the start of this year and I decided I was going to fall back in love with running. In February I took part in the Run New York Virtual Event (gifted) and that helped. Now I’m back to running for fun. I’m running because I want to not because a coach or training plan tells me I should. That’s not to say I don’t see the value in both of those things. In a months time I’ll be dusting of a Ben Parkes Marathon Training Plan and setting out to smash my PB. But for now, it’s about running for fun. When I like. How I like.

It can’t be such a bad thing as I’ve recently broken my 5km PB twice and set a new 10km PB too.


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