Rymora Compression Socks – Full Review

I have been wearing Rymora Compression Socks on every run for the past month so feel I can now give my opinion.

Rymora Compression Socks

Like many new runners, I started out with a pair of trainers, running socks and my normal gym shorts and top. Over the past 12 months, I have slowly grown my “stash” and now have a range of running specific gear. Up until last month, I had done all my runs in normal running socks. I hadn’t seen any reason for wearing long socks and quite frankly, I wasn’t sure the look was for me. I know, I know, it shouldn’t be about what you look like but equally I didn’t want to look like one of those “all the gear and no idea” kind of newbies who struggled to run 5km but had £300 worth of running gear on!

I finally bit the bullet after seeing lots of the running community wearing compression socks and reading a few articles about their apparent benefits. I’m going to be completely honest, there was a bit of me that thought it was complete rubbish.

After a month of wearing them has my opinion changed? Yes, it has. I love them! They are fast becoming a “won’t run without them” product. They are comfortable, never slip down and seem to be doing wonders for my post run recovery. I can honestly say I love them.

The graduated compression is supposed to help increase blood flow to the calves. Now I’m not a sports scientists by any stretch of the imagination (although half of the first year of my degree was in sports science) but they seem to be doing the trick. My legs feel fresher for longer and fatigue takes longer to kick in.

I honestly think it’s a shame I didn’t have them for the Berlin Marathon but have every intention of wearing them in the lead up to the Southampton Marathon 2020.

I will continue to test them out over the coming months but can’t see any reason why they won’t continue to do the job and help me reach the next level in my running. Fingers crossed.


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