The half marathon that never was – My first DNS

Sunday 7th July brought the half marathon that never was. A week earlier I signed up to the Leamington Spa Half Marathon. I needed a long run and thought, what better than to earn a medal for it. 

Unfortunately, almost immediately after signing up I was struck down with a cold. I stopped running and hoped it would pass. It didn’t. 

I’m not one to quit easily. I do, however, see the bigger picture. My goal this year is the Berlin Marathon and I’m not going to let a medal, albeit a cool elephant medal, stand in my way. 

Monday I will be back on it. I’m going to do a 45-55min club run. My aim is about 10k. Which means I’ll have to tag a bit on at the end. It’s time to get serious. I’m following the Ben Parkes Improver plan and week 8 brings a recovery week. I’m going hard. 10 miles next weekend. Let’s do this!

Leamington Spa Half Marathon- I will be back for you


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