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When I started running, I thought i’d embrace all the things that come with it. I have dabbled in instagram in the past but never really taken it to heart. I decided I would start a dedication running instagram account or runstergram as I like to call it. That was essentially where “This Chap Runs” began.

For all the bad parts of social media (trolling, online bullying etc…) there are some really great parts. No sooner had I signed up than I went about finding inspirational runners to follow. I thought, who better to learn from than the normal people out there doing it. While professional athletes are great, they aren’t really living the same life as me. I can’t train for hours on end, every day of the week. At least, I have neither the finance nor inclination to do so.

The instagram running community showed me real people, doing real runs and having real successes and failures. I learned very quickly that a failed run is just as useful as a successful one. Seeing the openness and honesty of those on the network was eye-opening. Don’t get me wrong, there are some out there who give off the impression it’s all sunshine and roses, and some who are all about looking good, but the vast majority are just normal people going about their daily lives and sharing their experiences.

If you are new to running, or new to the instagram running community, I thought i’d put together a list of my top 5 people to follow. That’s not to say there aren’t hundreds, thousands, even hundreds of thousands of accounts worth following but here are a few to get you going:

1. Chris_x_runs

Chris is a 3 time world marathon major runner and a true inspiration. He is open, honest and willing to answer questions. He proactively grows the instagram running community and regularly tours different London Parkruns meeting new faces. His profile is well worth a look.

2. Twice The Health

Emily and Hannah are the team behind Twice The Health. Not only are they prolific instagrammers but they run a successful online blog and organise (FREE) run groups. They are forever exploring the health and fitness industry. If they aren’t running, completing triathlons or taking part in yoga workshops, then they are sharing recipes and hints and tips. Definitely a pair worth following.

3. Clean Coach Katie

Katie is an online running coach and personal trainer based in Milton Keynes. She runs for the same club as me and is an authentic lover of running. She has made huge leaps and strides in her own running over the years and shares helpful hints and advice. Her enthusiasm is infectious and she shows what a little hard work and dedication can achieve.

4. Chubs2Ridgewaylife

A bacon eating, doughnut loving ultra-marathon running Aussie now living in the UK. Andy shares his successes and failures throughout his account. His journey to ultra-marathon success may not have been the most conventional but he shares the bumps in the road he has overcome. In addition to this, Andy regularly highlights the importance of good mental wellbeing and helps start important conversations surrounding the topic.

5. Fordy_runs

Fordy Runs chronicles the fun side of running. His YouTube challenge features race and product reviews with his unique style of presentation. Known for his bright pink attire, Fordy Runs is creating his own running community with his sister account: @fordyrunners – A great guy just trying to help others on their way.

Hopefully this has helped inspire you to go and check out a few of these guys and gals and see what they are up to. To embrace the power of social media and see some of the fine people in the running community who are using it for the greater good.


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  1. Tim S
    August 10, 2019 / 8:44 pm

    Will check them out