The National Running Show

Today I attended the National Running Show at Birmingham’s NEC arena. For anyone who hasn’t heard of it, it’s a show for everyone from complete novices to hardcore ultra marathon runners.

The majority of the space is taken up with various running stalls. You can buy almost anything running related that has ever been invented. There were hydration products, recovery products and clothes from all the big brands. However, it isn’t just your high street names. The likes of Brick Runners and running community Fordy Runs were also there. This gave it a much smaller, friendly and nicer feeling.

This Chap Runs…and shops

Turns out, the National Running Show is an amazing place to meet up with the Instagram running community (Who’s have thought…ok, we all clearly thought). There was the opportunity to meet up with my coach – Leigh, founder of Best Possible Fitness – and listen to the pacing sensation, Paul Addicott of Pickupthepacepaul (Who has been an official pacer at over 80 events and has the consistency of a robot).

It really was a great opportunity to listen to some extremely interesting and knowledgable speakers discuss their running journeys.

Paul Addicott (@Pickupthepacepaul) discusses race pacing techniques

If you haven’t ever been to the National Running Show, I would strongly recommend it. I have learned first hand though, that bringing a 2.5 year old without any other adult help doesn’t make it easy!

This year there is also a London Running Show on the 13th and 14th June which promises to be just as good. Keep an eye out.


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