Vitality Big Mile

This Sunday saw me take part in my first Vitality Big Mile. More importantly, it saw my daughter take part in her first running race. At the grand old age of 2 years and 9 months, I think it’s a pretty good effort.

What is it?

For those who have never done it before, the Vitality Big Mile is part of the same running event as the Vitality Big Half and Mini Half. The races are run in London and finish in the picturesque setting of Greenwich park. The Big Mile is free to enter and designed for families and children.

A rare moment of running

The race starts at 12:30pm (thankfully someone thought better than having a race starting at 9am) and runs through Greenwich park, down hill… yes you read it right… down hill to the bottom of the park.

Grace looking at the finish line – Eyes on the prize

Upon finishing you are met with the usual free water and a fantastic medal. It’s the same weight and quality as the half marathon. The only difference is the colour.

Grace really enjoyed her first running race and loved receiving a medal all of her own. Can’t wait for next year’s race…where hopefully she will run more than 50 metres. My shoulders are still aching from carrying her.


Novice running chap

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