Week 1 of Slimming World

Last night was weigh-in number one of our new Slimming World journey. The last week has done really well in terms of eating and avoiding the naughties (syns).

We have loved the Pinch of Nom books since they came out and made a real effort this week to make sure we planned all of our meals. With the fridge fully stocked, we set about following the plan and tracking what we were eating.

I have always been pretty all-or-nothing when it comes to eating naughties and this week was no exception. As a male, I’m allowed 20 syns per day. I ate a total of 4 across the entire week. It’s not entirely surprising I lost a good amount of weight. It isn’t easy but I know if I let myself have one chocolate bar (A Kinder Buerno is 12 syns) then I will scoff down another couple before I know it.

What’s the key for me

For me, the key is food planning. Knowing what we are going to eat and making sure we have everything we need. We have also been pragmatic and decided in advance which nights we will have leftovers. As we are both teachers, we are often late at work. Throw in a bit of marathon training and duties as a father and it’s difficult to cook every night. Having leftovers planned in means we are far more likely not to have a cheeky take-away pizza or fish and chips (unfortunately this had turned into an almost weekly occurrence).

Cajun Dirty (Photo from: Pinch of Nom)

The all important number

This week I’m delighted to say I dropped 10 lbs. So fantastic to hear that all of the hard work and focus has really paid off.

Plan for next week

To stay consistent. Keep thinking about what we eat and keep finding alternatives to some of the naughty treats we would have had. I find drinking fizzy water helps me feel less hungry and is a great way to get me over the 4pm slump.


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